How To Touch More Leads And Develop More Relationships In Less Hours

Consistent and timely communication with leads, prospects, clients, and customers is a requirement to keep your sales pipeline full of opportunities.

As a successful sales professional, following up and truly building relationships and stewarding opportunities through the customer journey can be a time-consuming process.

In most cases, this leaves a sales professional with two options on how to touch leads consistently:

  1. Spend time writing emails and handwritten letters at your desk for hours a day. This means going to the CRM and looking up the prospects name and contact information and handcrafting a simple “thank you for coffee” email by hand.  If you’re new to the organization you don’t know what to include and what others have used before (you’re left to the wolves).
  2. You skip this step and continue working with new donors hoping to close the deal upon that initial meeting. And when you look back and see that you have met with dozens of prospects and generated a number of opportunities to cultivate, you realize it’s been so long since you spoke with them you can’t remember what you spoke about or if you thanked them for the meeting.

In this situation, you need a system that can automate some of these processes or at least make them faster.

Segmented data-driven email marketing automation creates an environment where the sales team and the customer feel supported throughout the customer journey.

As you can see in the images below you can develop organization-wide or individual sales follow-up templates that can be used to easily send personalized communications out to leads and prospects.

These templates merge in the unique information of the constituent from the CRM record, as well as the meeting information (online screen sharing link) should you choose.  Once the appropriate template has been selected you are then allowed to enter the unique text to personalize the templated letter based on the relationship and move on with your day.

If you’re looking to get hours or days back on your schedule, this may be the solution you’re looking for.