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MailChimp: The Ultimate Get It Done Guide


Put the popular MailChimp email-marketing platform to work for you. MailChimp experts at Lebertech helps you set up a free MailChimp account and add new or existing subscribers, and use list segments and groups to target your messaging for different types of audiences.

Raiser’s Edge: Simply Getting It Done The Right Way


This course provides you with the immediate tools your organization needs to successfully benefit from your invest in Raiser’s Edge. With this annual subscription you provide a consistent professional development resource for your team to improve on existing skills and add new skills required for the success of the organizations and the mission you support.

The Blueprint: Data And Results Driven Nonprofits | eBook


This eBook will empower you to walk away with specific and tangible action items and steps to start the transition to a more data driven office culture.  Embracing these methodologies allows all members of the team to utilize their specific talents, furthering the mission of the institution.

Take the steps that will increase the efficiency, focus, and results of your philanthropic efforts.

The Raiser’s Edge Moves Management Survival Guide | eBook


Moves Management an ever moving target in your organization and your looking for the guide to lead you through this process? Take the opportunity to take control of the chaos and let this proven strategy allow you to get the organization on track to getting donors in the door and engaged constituent.

Webinars and Workshops


With dozens of webinars and workshops generated by the Lebertech you have the opportunity to watch and learn on your schedule.  With this annual subscription the entire team can access training and strategy webinars when the need is required.

WordPress: The Ultimate Get It Done Guide


The basics for any organization to communicate their mission to possible funders and supporters is to provide an online point of communication. Wordpress is a great tool to meet this need. During this course you will gain the skills to successfully manage and update the website at your organization.