Understanding Your Sales Pipeline Using Forecasting Reporting

Being able to determine how your sales pipeline is performing throughout the year can be challenging to understand without clear and simple reporting.

We would like to encourage you to PAUSE for a moment and develop a visual representation of your sales pipeline.

Your pipeline should not only be for the fiscal year but break that bad boy down into quarters or months.


Proactive Sales


Approaching sales with a proactive approach rather than a reactive approach is where you can use technology.

Integrating technology into your sales process enables you to make real-time adjustments to your sales strategy.

In a favorite CRM software of our is Zoho CRM; where included in the CRM is a module called Forecasts that provides the entire organization performance reporting by individual solicitors and organizational role.

With the selection of the year and quarter (or monthly) you can understand the current deals in the sales pipeline and if they have been funded or the percentage of likelihood that they will be.

This type of reporting allows the entire organization to understand the current status of revenue.

Empowering sales professionals to know not only the current progress to goals but to understand where they need to focus attention and resources to close deals successfully.