Opportunities Boards – Increase Your Chances of Sales Opportunities Knocking

When sales opportunity knocks, of course, you want to answer the door, but getting the opportunity to come a-knockin’ is always the harder part.

If you haven’t used an Opportunities Board before, this can be a great way to get your arms around all the possible engagement possibilities (sales collatoral) your organization has and centralized them all into one place.

With so many communication channels it’s easy to feel like you are having to look in multiple places to find the engagement tools you need to interface with a particular audience or campaign.

Opportunities Boards create one document for all and become the hub for your available resources and sales engagement opportunities.

We recommend storing this document somewhere in your CRM that your entire staff has access to so they can add resources as they come up or are created.

In many cases within larger organization’s different departments might have resources that staff in other areas are entirely unaware of, so this exercise really is one that sheds light and empowers all.

It is also a great net efficiency gain because instead of looking in the ten places an opportunity might be living, you just have to reference one document that links you to the sources you need for a particular outreach or initiative.

It also means you won’t miss that additional resource that you forgot was even out there.

One other big plus? You will likely realize you have more opportunities to engage leads and prospects than you thought!