Moves Management Is An Organization Wide Initiative In Your Nonprofit

Moves Management is not something that Development makes a priority or work on.  Moves Management is an organization-wide initiative that everyone in the organization has to embrace and understand.


Please don’t take what I’m saying is that everyone has to start attending Prospect Review Sessions.  What I mean is that during the cultivation phase of the Donor Cycle it takes more than development effort to build a prospects affinity for the organization.

What we suggest is that partnering with all areas of the organization is to find opportunities to engage the prospect and find where their passions are.

Please don’t take a laid-back approach with this.  Make this a priority and it doesn’t take a lot of work with folks.

When you beginning your Fiscal Year plan or heck anytime find out all of the activities that are happening at your organization that might be an opportunity to engage a prospect.

Next, build a list of these opportunities and continue to keep it updated and add more as time goes on.  This list should be something that you go to during your prospect review session.  During those sessions as your reviewing prospects, you should be referring to that list for potential opportunities to get your prospect engaged with your organization and see the amazing work you’re doing.


  • Pep Rallies
  • Non Fundraising Events
  • Non-Fundraising Communications
  • Etc..

My Two Cents: Your goal during the cultivation phase of the donor cycle is to engage the prospect.  Be proactive and have a list of way to accomplish that goal.