Effective Use Of Appeals and Funds between Raiser’s Edge and Financial Edge

Hey folks, this is an email I recently sent and felt it might help some others on managing Appeals and Funds in Raiser’s Edge and Financial Edge.



Thanks for the question.  RE is designed to use Appeal to track the specifics of an ask (say a direct mail piece, event) to be able to measure its performance.

So I would create an FY17FallAppeal, and mark 500 constituents with that Appeal to know I mailed to them.  When those gifts come back into the organization we track it against the total Appeal amount (of 500), the results from this show us how effective we were with that Appeal.

We need a new Appeal each year to be able to track the specific performance of that appeal, which is why I prefixed FY17 to this year’s new Appeals.  Next year we will have new Appeal records that have a prefix of FY18.

The goal of this is not have new Fund every year that have to be created for tracking giving.  I suggest this route so Accounting folks and those who manage Financial Edge do not have to create new Project ID’s often.  The Funds are in most cases static (meaning you do not create them often), and we track giving through Appeals on the RE side of things.

Let me know if I can clarify this in more detail via phone.

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